Workplace Injury Is More Common Than You Think

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Workplace injury happens despite safety precautions and being careful, they are just a fact of life. DC Chiropractic Center helps people injured on the job recover from all types of injuries.

Slip, Trip or Fall

Accidents can happen anywhere, even on our way to and from work. Whether it is in the parking lot or the break room, it’s important to seek treatment right away. It’s in the best interest of you and your employer to do so. With liability and insurance issues, making sure to follow the proper procedures is important.

Lifting and Lower Back

Heavy lifting and overexertion can lead to a number of painful and long-term back injuries. It is always important to practice safe lifting techniques to maintain a healthy back. However, when we work hard safe lifting practices can often go ignored. The results can be debilitating. Many times the injury happens as a result of a sudden and acute accident. Don’t ignore the long term ailments that can arise. Don’t wait for an injury to get worse. The long term effects can be more devastating than the original injury.

Cumulative Trauma

Cumulative Trauma is a type of injury that occurs after prolonged use. Typing can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome; prolonged standing can lead to back and leg injuries and ailments. People from all different work backgrounds can experience this and it’s important to recognize the behavior before it becomes an issue. Injuries arise for it’s a production worker from years of standing or a truck driver with many hours sitting behind a wheel. These ailments can be devastating and lead to years of rehabilitation. Workers’ compensation was designed to take care of people in situations like these.



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