Causes of Back Pain

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Back pain is a common ailment that can have a variety of causes. Even if your back pain isn’t severe, it can still interfere with your life; after all, your spine effectively carries your entire body. In some cases, it may be due to an injury or strain. Other times, it may be the result of poor posture or an underlying medical condition. Whatever the cause, back pain can be extremely debilitating.

If your pain is due to an injury, rest and ice may be all you need. If poor posture is to blame, gentle stretches and exercises may help to improve your posture and alleviate the pain. If you find that your pain isn’t going away, however, more specialized treatment may be necessary. Sooner or later, just about everyone will experience some level of back pain. Today we’ll discuss common causes of back pain and how you can avoid them – as well as how chiropractic treatment can help you control your pain.

Muscle Strain

Chiropractic Treatment Keizer ORSpeaking very generally, muscle strain is a common cause of back pain. Strained muscles often occur when the muscles are suddenly asked to do more work than they are accustomed to, such as lifting a heavy object or participating in an intense workout. The muscles can become overstretched and damaged, leading to pain and inflammation. In some cases, the damage to the muscles can be severe enough to tear the tissue. To mitigate this, make sure you warm up before intense workouts or other physical work.

If you experience back pain after participating in physical activity, it is important to rest the muscles and avoid any further strain. Applying ice to the affected area can also help to reduce inflammation and pain. If the pain persists for more than a few days, it may indicate an injury. Muscle soreness is normal after a workout or other strenuous activity, but if it continues for a long time without improving, it’s a sign you should seek treatment.

Poor Posture

Keep an eye on your posture! If you find yourself slouched in your chair at work, take a moment to put your shoulders back and straighten up. Over time, improper posture can lead to chronic pain in your neck and back, as well as other parts of the body. This can be aided by chiropractic care, but it’s still important to maintain good posture at all times. Stretches and mindfulness can help you keep your posture under control and prevent habits that lead to back pain down the road.

Sports Injury

Even young people can suffer chronic pain resulting from an injury. Young people are less prone to musculoskeletal injury in general, but children who play sports – especially high-impact sports like football and soccer – are at a higher risk than those who don’t. It’s important that young athletes make appropriate warm-ups and stretches a part of their routine to ensure they have the best chance of avoiding injuries on the field. Chiropractic services can be a valuable addition to a physical therapy routine.

Work Injury

Regardless of where you work, you might find yourself injured on the job. If your job requires you to lift heavy objects, it’s important that you maintain proper lifting techniques to avoid injury. Use the large muscles in your legs to lift heavy items, rather than the smaller muscles in your back. Likewise, avoid bending and twisting at the waist; these motions put a lot of strain on your spine and can cause injury. Additionally,

Even low-impact jobs like office work carry an injury risk! For many people, office work is a major source of back pain. Hours spent sitting at a desk can lead to muscle tension and poor posture, both of which can contribute to pain. Taking regular breaks to move around and stretch can help to ease muscle tension. In addition, sitting up straight and using ergonomic furniture can help to improve posture and reduce strain on the back. By taking some simple precautions, office workers can help to reduce their risk of back pain.

Wear and Tear

Put simply, your back is fragile; even when you’re careful, you can develop back pain simply by getting older. As time goes on, your spine loses flexibility and becomes more susceptible to injury. A chiropractor can provide spinal adjustments and recommend exercises and treatment to mitigate your risk of injury. Additionally, conditions like osteoarthritis and herniated discs become more likely as we age; millions of people suffer from age-related conditions that result in back pain. Chiropractic care can help you maintain flexibility as you age, therefore minimizing pain and aiding mobility.

Why Chiropractic Care?

Many doctors will recommend chiropractic care as a supplement to other treatments. Because it’s less invasive than surgery and provide pain relief without medication, many people find that it can vastly improve their quality of life. Chiropractors work on more than just back pain as well; neck pain, joint pain, and even nerve pain can be treated with chiropractic adjustments. If you think chiropractic services can benefit you, talk to your doctor about adding them to your treatment plan.

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